STOCK FOOTAGE is an essential part of the media industry.

Whether for travelmovies for travel agencies, for the youtuber, blogger and influencer or for advertising movies and feature films.
The possible applications are just endless.

Stock Footage is affordable, saves lots of efforts in terms of necessary equipment .

It won’t make it necessary anymore sending out a location scout or a film team for getting a desired shot.

We are long-term travelers and are traveling around the world in our custom built van.

We are working on the road – while enjoying life – but we also spend dozens of hours where every single shot will be edited with loving care, trimmed, stabilized and graded. All shots will be indexed with keywords, provided with gps data and all the other necessary metatags.

Our STOCK FOOTAGE is available in different formats, framerates, codecs, datarates and gradings.

different formats

MOV and MP4 are the common formats/containers, but of course we’re able to provide any format, you’re in need of!

High datarates

Our native datarates are at least 100 Mbit/sec, the newer files come with even 150 MBit. Non native files like time lapses can come with up to 500 MBit.

native or graded?

90% of our clips are availabe as native files, straight out of the cam, filmed in LOG, HLG or Cine.
Some of them will come in 4:2:2 color space and 10 Bit depth.
Non native files are mostly graded in different styles like “neutral” or “cinematic” and are containing “_native”, “_neutral”, or _cine” as a filename_prefix.

Stock Footage by STOCKFOOTAGEcandies
most common codecs

Used codecs are Apple Prores, HEVC (H.265), H.264, Quicktime Photo JPEG, Quicktime Animation or Motion JPEG.

From highspeed to Slowmo

We are always  filming with different framerates. Up to 980fps (super slowmo), down to 23,976 fps for the cinematic look.

up to 8K resolution

All shots are available in HD (1080p), but most shots are filmed in 4K.
Some very rare – and especially the time lapses – are available in 5k/6K, as well as our 360° videos, which are in 5,7K. Some of our 360° footage is rendered in even 8K.

Aerials, Time Lapses, Slow Motions or even 360° Shots, as well as 3D Animations.
We have lots of stuff to offer!

  • Stock Footage from more than 40 countries and regions

  • Aerials and Aerial-Hyperlapses

  • Time Lapses up to 6K

  • Real Slow Motion Shots up to 980fps

  • 3D Animations up to 8K

  • Dolly-, Jib-, and Gimbal-Shots

  • Native, Neutral and Cine gradings

  • 1080p, 4K, 6K, 8K – 100-500 MBit/sec
    HEVC, H.264, 4:2:2, 8-10 Bit

  • Water: Wavebreakers, Oceans, Lakes, Beaches, Coasts, Waterfalls, Rivers, Streams

  • Weather: Sunrises & Sunsets, Clouds

  • Landscape, Nature & Wildlife: Mountains, Deserts, Jungle & Forrests, Plants, Canyons, Creeks, Volcanoes, Animals

  • Nightsky: Milkyway, Day-to-Night, Space

  • Backgrounds: Abstracts, Experimentals, Objects

  • Symbols: Logos, Flags, Space, Monuments

  • Traffic, Transportation, Citylife, Events, Industry, Ecology, Economy, Business, People, Infrastructure


Just drop us an email and we’ll be with you in no time –  or visit our server